Student Success Stories

Whether through their capstone projects or through competitions, students of UBC’s Master of Data Science program are turning data into knowledge that can, and will, be used to inform decisions in the real world. Below are just some examples of the successes they’ve achieved to date:

Mohsen Zardadi and his family

A Graduate’s Path: Mohsen Zardadi

The first MDS Okanagan graduate to get a job

Jul 10 / 2020

Students choose graduate studies for a number of reasons.

For some, their chosen profession requires it, while others want to change career paths or advance more quickly in their current roles. Many others want to conduct high-level research in an area close to their hearts or one that can change the world.

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Learning Remotely. Photo by Martin Dee / UBC Brand & Marketing

MDS Spotlight: In-person to Online: Learning MDS Remotely

Read how our MDS students have adjusted to learning MDS online.

May 06 / 2020

In an ideal world, our MDS students would be learning in-person amongst their cohort but the COVID-19 outbreak has forced post-secondary institutions like UBC to move classes online.

We spoke to a few of our MDS students from the Class of 2020 on how they’ve adjusted to learning data science online.

Q: How have you been adjusting to learning online?

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MDS Spotlight: From MDS Okanagan Student to Healthcare Hero

MDS Okanagan student drops the books, dons medical gear amid COVID-19 outbreak

May 05 / 2020

Ngan Nguyen Lyle was studying for an upcoming data science quiz when she got the call.

Lyle, a Master of Data Science (MDS), student at UBC Okanagan and medical doctor, was being summoned to return to work to support Interior Health’s COVID-19 response team.

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MDS Spotlight: In-Person to Online: Teaching MDS Remotely

Read how our MDS Teaching Staff have adjusted to teaching online.

Apr 29 / 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many institutions like UBC to move all classes online. The UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program was no exception and has been teaching online since March 16.

To move to this new way of teaching, the MDS team used a variety of online tools like Collaborate Ultra and Zoom for lectures. Slack and GitHub to communicate with students and Canvas to administer exams.

We spoke to a few of our MDS teaching staff to see how they’ve adjusted to this new way of teaching and lessons learned.

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Welcome to our 2019-20 cohorts

Sep 13 / 2019

Last week, we welcomed our next set of cohorts for MDS Vancouver and Okanagan as well as the very first cohort of the MDS Computational Linguistics program.

It is exciting to see the MDS program grow year-over-year. When the program began in 2016, we started with just 22 students, which then increased to 43 for year 2 and 70 students in year 3.

We are proud to see the program welcome 97 new students as the fourth cohort of MDS-Vancouver.

Here are some facts about MDS Vancouver - Cohort 4:

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Ayla Pearson, MDS Vancouver - Class of 2019

MDS Spotlight: Meet Ayla Pearson, MDS Vancouver – Class of 2019

Aug 23 / 2019

As a resource clerk based on Haida Gwaii with the forestry branch of the Province of British Columbia, Ayla Pearson is a Jack of all trades doing everything from issuing permits for forestry companies to administration assistance for First Nations consultation to front end reception to hardware tech support. It was while doing all of those tasks that Pearson noticed how disorganized was its data integrity.

“That’s when I started realizing what I wanted to do with the data with that job,” said Pearson.

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Heather Van Tassel

MDS Spotlight: Meet Heather Van Tassel, MDS Vancouver – Class of 2019

Aug 15 / 2019

As Heather Van Tassel was completing her biochemistry and neuroscience degree at the University of British Columbia, she took a biostatistics course which became her doorway into data science.

"What I appreciate the most about data science and what drove me to return to school is that having an analytical skill set will allow me to think more critically at work, which is both challenging and rewarding,” said Van Tassel.

A UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) alumna and one of her UBC professors encouraged Van Tassel to take the MDS program.

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Birinder Singh

MDS Spotlight: Meet Birinder Singh, MDS Vancouver – Class of 2019

Jul 30 / 2019

Falling oil prices is what prompted Birinder Singh to start thinking of ways to optimize how his company was handling client data and utilizing it in a better way.

“Traditionally there was a lot of redundant tasks that we were doing and we were missing the integration of data from different sources. I saw that if we apply machine learning algorithms into it we could do some predictive analysis and generate some insights as well.”

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Carrie Cheung

MDS Spotlight: Meet Carrie Cheung – MDS Vancouver, Class of 2019

Jul 18 / 2019

While analyzing aircraft sensor data for Boeing Vancouver, opened Carrie Cheung eyes were to a world where programming and math can be applied to data to solve business problems. 

“This experience sparked my interest to grow my knowledge about data science in a way that's also more structured and immersive,” said Cheung.
To gain the data science knowledge that Cheung was seeking, she took the plunge and applied to the UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program.

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MDS Spotlight: UBC MDS Vancouver Students Win $10,000 Grand Prize in Kabam Varsity Challenge

May 23 / 2019

For companies like Vancouver’s Kabam, a developer of immersive, and highly social multiplayer games for mobile devices, it relies heavily on digital advertising for promotion and user advertising to generate revenue. 

In conjunction with UBC Sauder School of Business, the Kabam Games Varsity Challenge was to create a predictive model that estimates the value of users for one of Kabam’s hit games.

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