Student Success Stories

Whether through their capstone projects or through competitions, students of UBC’s Master of Data Science program are turning data into knowledge that can, and will, be used to inform decisions in the real world. Below are just some examples of the successes they’ve achieved to date:

Birinder Singh

MDS Spotlight: Meet Birinder Singh, MDS Vancouver – Class of 2019

Jul 30 / 2019

Falling oil prices is what prompted Birinder Singh to start thinking of ways to optimize how his company was handling client data and utilizing it in a better way.

“Traditionally there was a lot of redundant tasks that we were doing and we were missing the integration of data from different sources. I saw that if we apply machine learning algorithms into it we could do some predictive analysis and generate some insights as well.”

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Carrie Cheung

MDS Spotlight: Meet Carrie Cheung – MDS Vancouver, Class of 2019

Jul 18 / 2019

While analyzing aircraft sensor data for Boeing Vancouver, opened Carrie Cheung eyes were to a world where programming and math can be applied to data to solve business problems. 

“This experience sparked my interest to grow my knowledge about data science in a way that's also more structured and immersive,” said Cheung.
To gain the data science knowledge that Cheung was seeking, she took the plunge and applied to the UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program.

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MDS Spotlight: UBC MDS Vancouver Students Win $10,000 Grand Prize in Kabam Varsity Challenge

May 23 / 2019

For companies like Vancouver’s Kabam, a developer of immersive, and highly social multiplayer games for mobile devices, it relies heavily on digital advertising for promotion and user advertising to generate revenue. 

In conjunction with UBC Sauder School of Business, the Kabam Games Varsity Challenge was to create a predictive model that estimates the value of users for one of Kabam’s hit games.

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MDS Spotlight: Improving Patient Communication through AI

May 23 / 2019

How can you use artificial intelligence to help improve patient communication? That was the challenge put forth to teams that participated in EasyMarkit’s first hackathon held on April 6, 2019. EasyMarkit is a Vancouver-based company that focuses on developing automated patient communication software specializing in dentistry.

EasyMarkit was looking for a way to make the process of booking appointments a lot easier. Teams were given clinic data and were tasked to see how likely patients were to respond to an appointment reminder phone call or text message.

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