Nihal D’Souza, MDS Computational Linguistics, Class of 2022

Nihal D'Souza MDS Computational Linguistics

"The UBC MDS Computational Linguistics program was lucrative as it covered a breadth of topics from computer science, statistics, and linguistics within a relatively short time frame of 10 months, allowing me to go back into the industry as soon as possible."

Previous Degree: Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering from The National Institute of Engineering
Program: MDS Computational Linguistics, Class of 2022

I was fascinated by the advancements in human-machine interaction through natural language and how this field was developing. Some of these advancements are the applications of machine translation, sentiment analysis, and computational morphology. To be able to understand these topics and be equipped to apply them in the real world, it made sense to pursue my higher education in this field. 

About Nihal D’Souza

Prior to joining the MDS Computational Linguistics program, Nihal completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from The National Institute of Engineering. Nihal worked for almost three years as a Software Engineer at Cisco. Nihal applied to the MDS Computational Linguistics program because of UBC’s great reputation, its vast resources, and its incredible faculty. In his down time, Nihal enjoys running, swimming and the occasional hike as well as grabbing drinks with friends on the weekends. Read Nihal’s story.