Rubén De la Garza Macías, MDS Vancouver, Class of 2022

Ruben Master of Data Science Vancouver

"The MDS program is one the highest-rated data science programs in Canada. It is a program that prepares you to work in data science as soon as you finish."

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey
Prior Experience: SaaS Implementation & Analytics Consultant – Logistics, BTC Business Transformation Consulting
Program: MDS Vancouver, Class of 2022

My job as a consultant made me realize how much I loved analyzing and working with data. I was also able to see how powerful it can be to automate processes to clean, gather summarized statistics and relevant patterns from data, especially when it is big.

About Rubén De la Garza Macías 

Prior to joining the MDS program, Rubén was working as a SaaS implementation consultant, mainly focused on supply chain optimization software. Rubén credits the MDS program for giving him the data science skills needed for him to kickstart his data science career and eventually hopes to start his own data science consulting practice. In his spare time, Rubén enjoys playing music and even brought his guitar with him to Vancouver. Read Rubén’s story.