Florencia D'Andrea, Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, MDS Vancouver

Florencia D'Andrea

"The MDS program offers a wide array of training in tools for data science. Students will gain the opportunity to consolidate technical knowledge through hands-on experience. In so doing, they are positioned to exercise responsible judgment in the use of data science. The focus on promoting a welcoming and inclusive work environment ensures a generative learning experience." 

Florencia's field of work is ecotoxicology, specializing in Pesticide Risk Assessment. She studied at the University of Buenos Aires where she obtained her Bachelor's, and Doctorate in Biology. During her PhD, she worked with multiple databases and used a model to simulate the environmental fate of pesticides. Florencia has a teaching degree from the University the Buenos Aires. She was trained as instructor with The Carpentries and is an RStudio Certified Trainer for Tidyverse and Shiny.

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