Alumni Data Science Stories

UBC Master of Data Science graduates are putting their education into practice, working as data scientists across a wide range of industry sectors. Here are a few of their stories:

Jarome - MDS V Lesley - MDS V Kira - MDS O Vaghul - MDS O Serena - MDS-CL Niki - MDS-CL Carrie - MDS V Ha - MDS V

Jarome – Data Analyst for TD

Through the UBC Master of Data Science program, Jarome gained a considerable amount of skills, not only how to manipulate data, but also how to extract interesting insights and present that to the audience. 

Lesley – Data Scientist for University of Washington

Even though Lesley found the MDS Vancouver program intense, she said it was worth it. Lesley's favourite part of the program was being with her cohort and working through problems and challenges together. 

Kira – Financial Data Analyst at Mattamy Homes

For Kira, the capstone project was an important experience of the Master of Data Science program at UBC Okanagan. Her project was the first step into the real world of data science, and gave her the opportunity to implement what she’d been taught and produce actual results, whether they were expected or not.

Vaghul – Data Engineer at RBC

With demand for data scientists on the rise, Vaghul decided it was time to pursue his passion. He applied to the UBC Master of Data Science program at UBC Okanagan because of its smaller cohort size, and customization to students. He felt he’d be motivated by learning what he could achieve in the field of data science, and how this would contribute to society.

Serena – Language Engineer for Amazon

Serena love of languages led her to the MDS Computational Linguistics program. Serena believes that computational linguistics and natural language processing is a fast moving field and believes those with a background in languages or linguistics and interested in the technology space are ideal candidates.

Niki – Language Engineer for Amazon

When Niki came upon Master of Data Science and Computational Linguistics, she found it to be perfect match for her. Niki's favorite thing about the program was the fact that it was 10 months and that she could finish early and enter the job market.

Carrie – Data Scientist for NuData Security, A Mastercard Company

Prior to the Master of Data Science program, Carrie worked in the aviation industry, did her capstone in the mining industry, and now works in cybersecurity. Being exposed to data sets from a wide range of fields during program, showed her that the skills they learned around making sense of data can be applied to any industry.

Ha – Data Scientist for Shopify

What attracted Ha to the UBC Master of Data Science program was that it supported people, like her, that did not have a computer science or statistics background, provided practical and hands on experience as well as a good network to see opportunities after graduation.


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