The Master of Data Science program at UBC works with an extensive network of partners including start-ups, government, higher education, IT, finance, etc.... These partners were key contributors to the design of the program, and also continue to provide students with the opportunity to get real-world experience in a variety of different roles and industries through their eight-week capstone project.

Featured Capstone Projects

Neotoma Paleoecology Database (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Finding Fossils in the Literature

Siemens Healthineers - MDS Okanagan

Anomaly Detection in Biosensor Waveforms

BC Stats - MDS Computational Linguistics

Improving BC Data Catalogue with NLP Techniques

Capstone Projects

    ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd.

    Towards Decentralized Training of Machine Learning Models for Bone Cancer Detection


    Production Line Robotics Arms Vision Recognition

    Autozen Technology

    Autozen Recommendation Engine

    Boeing Digital Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Jeppesen

    Navigation Chart Change Detection

    Canucks Sports & Entertainment

    Ticket Pricing Analysis of the Vancouver Canucks

    Changing Ocean Research Unit, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, UBC

    Can You Afford Sustainable Seafood in the Future Under Climate Change?

    Faber Connect

    Predicting No-Shows and Job Success in Construction

    Illuminex AI

    Airfield Hazards: Bird Tracking at Airports

    Impact Canada (Impact and Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office)

    Measuring Innovation Through Knowledge Production

    Litefarm / University of British Columbia

    Leveraging Data Science for Agricultural Carbon and Biodiversity Outcomes

    Rio Tinto Exploration

    Project #1: FaultSENS
    Project #2: ProjectDrillSense

    Rocketbrew Inc.

    Generative AI Icebreaker - Wildcard Clickbait

    Seahorse Strategies Inc.

    Seahorse Strategies: UBC Stock Portfolio Allocation Formula


    AI-Driven Real Estate Insights: Revolutionizing Pre-Construction Sales

    SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.

    Project #1: Benchmarking Tailings Facility Risks
    Project #2: Developing Novel Methods for Liquefaction Prediction

    Strait of Georgia Data Center

    Survival Analysis System for Salmon in the Salish Sea



    University of British Columbia

    Checklists and LLM prompts for Efficient and Effective Test Creation in Data Analysis

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC

    Project #1: The Global Game: Ranking Soccer Clubs Worldwide
    Project #2: Predicting Physical Performance of Football Players

    Westland Insurance

    Augmenting Customer Retention Modelling with NLP Feature Engineering

    AIQ Technologies

    Digital Service Agents

    Broadsight Technology

    Data Visualization for Media Interactions

    Craver Solutions

    Understanding Success in Local Business Mobile and Web Apps


    Secondary Rental Housing Supply Intelligence

    Greenspace Mental Health

    Project 1: Benchmarking and Predicting Mental Health Assessment Scores
    Project 2: Model Pipeline for Predicting Patient Interventions
    Project 3: Therapeutic Alliance

    Siemens Healthineers

    Optimization of Biosensor Waveform Processing

    British Columbia Investment Management Corp. (BCI)

    Topic Modeling on SEC 10-K Filings

    Calgary Police Service

    Call Type X99- Miscellaneous


    Language Modeling for Code-Switched Speech Recognition

    Gerontology and Diabetes Research Laboratory (GDRL)

    AI Screening of Spontaneous Speech to detect Alzheimer's


    MyLiving City Community Discussion Platform (i.e. MyLiving City App)

    Ocarina Studios

    Dream Database

    Rio Tinto Exploration


    Rocketbrew Inc.

    Project #1: Finding Patterns of Success - Magic Evaluation
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    Project #2: Personalized Magic- Generative AI Icebreaker 
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    aDolus - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Can AI Spot Risky Software in Critical Infrastructure?
    • 2020: Unearthing Hidden Vulnerabilities in Mission Critical Software

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - MDS Okanagan

    • 2023: 
      • Project #1: Develop a Dashboard for the Existing Data and Fruit Photographs
      • Project #2: Image Analysis for Apple Fruit Scans for Flesh Density Measurement
    • 2022: (Science and Technology Branch): Exploring Optimal Machine Learning Models for Predicting Crop Yield at Township Level
    • 2020: Improving Cherry Grading

    Analytika - MDS Vancouver

    • 2021: Transforming Customer Experiences
    • 2020: Project #1: Smart Agriculture
    • 2020: Project #2: Wells Timelines

    Autozen Technology - MDS Vancouver

    Autozen Valuation Guru

    BC Centre on Substance Abuse - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Using Data Science to Identify and Visualize Novel Compounds in Illicit Drug Checking Samples

    BC Stats - MDS Vancouver

    • 2021: Understanding Voting Method Choices in the 2020 BC General Elections
    • 2020: Text Analytics: Quantifying the Responses to Open-Ended Survey Questions
    • 2019: Quantifying the Responses to Open-Ended Survey Question
    • 2018: Discovering Thematic Categories from Survey Comments
    • 2017: Empowering Employee Engagement through AI - Government of BC

    BCMEA - MDS Vancouver

    2019: Improving Labour Forecasting to Promote the Competitiveness of BC Ports

    Better Dwelling - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Does News Report Manipulate Financial Markets

    BGC Engineering - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: Social Landslides: Improve NASA Global Landslide Catalog with Automated Social Media Mining

    BGC Engineering - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Predicting the Largest Floods in Canadian Rivers
    • 2020: Project #1: How high’s is the water mama?…Data Driven Flood Forecasting
    • 2020: Project #2: Undisclosed Tailings Dams…Automated Tailings Dam Detection from Satellite Data
    • 2019: Automated Landslide Detection and Delineation from LiDAR Images
    • 2018: Anomaly Detection and Flood Forecasting using Real-time Hydrometric Data

    Biba Ventures - MDS Vancouver

    2020: Using Machine Learning to Predict Playground Usage

    British Columbia Investment Management Corp. (BCI) - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: What Can SEC 10-K Textual Disclosures Tell Us About Climate Risk?

    British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) - MDS Vancouver

    2021: What Can SEC 10-K Textual Disclosures Tell Us About a Firm’s Earnings Quality and Future Stock Returns?

    Calgary Police Service - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Identification and Classification of Interactions between Police and Persons with Mental Disorders/Illnesses (PWMI)

    Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey and UBC - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Impact of COVID-19 on Student Mental Health: Lessons from the CCWS

    Cenovus - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Using Time Series Temperature Data to Determine Well Productivity

    City of Kelowna - MDS Okanagan

    2019: Preparing for the Next Chapter of Culture in Kelowna

    Citysage by Reliance Foundry - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Noise Pollution: Spatial Modelling and Visualization of Urban Sound Levels
    • 2022: LiDAR Object Detection and Classification for Cities

    Coast Mountain Bus Company - MDS Vancouver

    2017: Bringing clarity to transit congestion

    Corporate Finance Institute Education Inc. - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: Course Writing Style Analysis / Learner Feedback Analysis

    Corporate Finance Institute Education Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    • 2022: Project #1: Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value Analysis (RFM)
    • 2022: Project #2: Sales Forecasting

    CRIM - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Discovering Words by Their Neighbours: a Dissimilarity-Based Concordance

    CultureFoundry - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: Ojibwe Conjugator Python Rewrite

    Cymax Group Technologies - MDS Vancouver

    Product Knowledge Graph

    Defined Finance Ltd. - MDS Vancouver

    2022: DeFi Dashboard: Follow and Forecast the Money

    Destination British Columbia - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Predicting Conversion Rates for Tourism Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

    Dialpad - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2021: ASR Data Inspector

    Dialpad - MDS Vancouver

    • Project #1: Detecting Emerging Topics, Trends and Anomalies from Call Center Transcripts
    • Project #2: Understanding & Predicting Customer Satisfaction Using Vocal Features

    E-Comm 9-1-1 - MDS Vancouver

    • 2020: SOP Consolidation to Save Lives and Property
    • 2019: Saving Lives and Protecting Property with a Predictive Staffing Model

    Finn AI - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Helping AI Recognize Intent

    Fleetmetrica Inc. - MDS Okanagan

    • 2021: Developing a Fleet Risk Model Using a Machine Learning Approach
    • 2020: Driver Risk Assessment Model Using Telematics Data

    Fresh Prep - MDS Vancouver

    2019: Predicting Customer Order Probabilities

    Gerontology and Diabetes Research Laboratory (GDRL) - MDS Vancouver

    • 2021: Project #1: Machine Learning Approaches to Diagnosing Lipohypertrophy at the Bedside
    • 2021: Project #2:  Machine Learning Approaches to Falls Prediction in Long Term Care

    GetintheLoop - MDS Okanagan

    2019: Customer Engagement Factors for Online Marketing

    Glentel - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2021: Voice of Employee and Customer

    Glentel - MDS Vancouver

    • 2022: Project #1: Practical People Analytics for Predicting Employee Performance
    • 2022: Project #2: Practical People Analytics for Predicting Retention
    • 2021: People Analytics
    • 2020: Making sense of people data

    Goldspot Discoveries - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: A Study on the Effects of Representation Bias on AI Performance and Methods of Mitigating it
    • 2022: Project #1 Detection and Mitigation of Data Drift and Model D
    • 2022: Project #2: Panorama Stitching of Core-Photos
    • 2021: Automated Drill Core Logging Through the Lens of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • 2020: Core Photo Analysis

    Government of Canada Web Analytics Team - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2021: Capturing What Users go to to Do

    Government of Canada Web Analytics Team - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Determining the Use Cases Across Data Science Sub-Fields for the Government of Canada's Web Analytics Operations

    Heyday by Hootsuite - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: Is it “Yes” or “No”: Negation-Aware Named Entity Recognition in the E-commerce Domain

    Hockey Canada - MDS Okanagan

    2022: Growth and Retention Strategy – Data and Research Analysis

    Hootsuite - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Customer Segmentation Using Hootsuite Product Usage Data

    Impact Canada (Privy Council Office) - MDS Okanagan

    Using Open Databases to Explore Feasibility and Relevance of Investment Analysis for Impact Canada Challenges

    Indeed - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2021: Automatic Inference of Reader Attributed from Blog Content

    Informed Opinions - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: NLP for Social Change – The Gender Gap Tracker

    Insurance Corporation of BC - MDS Vancouver

    Image Recognition of Vehicle Odometer Readings

    Interior Health - MDS Okanagan

    • 2020: Patterns of drug checking service use and results associated with a music festival in BC’s Interior region
    • 2018: Determinations of Populations affected by Fatal and Non-fatal Overdoses

    JustPractice Technologies Inc. - MDS Okanagan

    • 2023: Medical Free-Text Data Analysis Through Natural Language Processing
    • 2022: Juma - Image Import
    • 2021: Identifying Patient Care Gaps Through the Analysis of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data

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    Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc. - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Research and Development of New Topic Clustering and Sentiment Models for Web-based Qualitative Analysis Application (Unigrams)

    Katalon Inc. - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: Autonomous Software Testing Generation

    Kelly Klee Insurance - MDS Okanagan

    2020: Predictability of Kelly Klee Customers

    KonectAi - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Intelligent AI Based Car Descriptions

    MDA - MDS Vancouver

    2020: Image Captioning of Overhead Earth Observation Imagery

    Merchant Growth - MDS Vancouver

    2020: Merchant Score: Intelligent Credit Decisioning for Risk Management

    Microsoft - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Web traffic Prediction for

    Minerva Intelligence - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Mineral Occurrence Text Extractor

    MNP Technology Solutions - MDS Okanagan

    2021: E-commerce and it's Challenges

    Newsly Technologies Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Audio Listening Preferences

    Okanagan Planning and Institutional Research - MDS Okanagan

    2019: Using Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis in Survey Text Responses

    Olyns - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: The Price Is Right!
    • 2022: Prune CNN Models to Help People Go Green

    OraQ AI - MDS Vancouver

    2022: NLP to Untangle the Complex Web of Dental Conditions

    Orbis Investments - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Earning Calls Deception Analysis

    PaybyPhone - MDS Vancouver

    • 2021: Anomaly Detection
    • 2020: Crowdsourced parking locations

    Population Health Surveillance and Epidemiology, Office of the Provincial Health Officer, Province of British Columbia - MDS Vancouver

    2022: BC Chronic Disease Visualization and Trend Analysis with R Shiny

    Projectlink - MDS Okanagan

    2021: Market Analytics

    Properly Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Image Processing: Quantifying the Home Condition from Property Images

    Providence Health Care Providence Health Care - MDS Vancouver

    2019: Forecasting of Staffing Needs

    Quebec Iron Core - MDS Vancouver

    • 2019: Project #1: Rock Predictor
    • 2019: Project #2: Implementing a CNN to Segment Rock Types

    QxMD - MDS Vancouver

    • 2019: ​Project #1: Generate cross-product recommendations
    • 2019: Project #2: Delivering Better Care Through Education
    • 2018: Building a Recommendation System for Medical Research Papers - MDS Vancouver

    • 2021: Project #1: Identifying Real Estate Investment Opportunities Using Machine Learning
    • 2021: Project #2: Will They, or Won't They? Return User Prediction
    • 2020: Photo-realistic Neighborhood Image Synthesis
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    • 2019: Estimate the Value of Key Local attributes used in buying decisions

    Rio Tinto - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Event Scraper

    Rio Tinto - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Clean Sat
    • 2017: Tools for Analyzing Mining Drill Data

    Riversol - MDS Vancouver

    • 2022: Forecasting the Success of Online Lead Generation
    • 2020: E-Commerce Domination in Highly Competitive Markets Driven by Data Science

    Rocketbrew Inc. - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Automated E-commerce Window Shopping via NLP

    Rocketbrew Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Creating (figurative) ecommerce shopping aisles with ML 

    SAP - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2022: ClearlyDefined: Intelligently Summarizing Software Licenses

    SAP and Teejlab - MDS Vancouver

    2019: Enhancing the Teejlab Analyzer for Data Service Agreements

    Scotiabank - MDS Okanagan

    2019: Sampling Methodology for Time-Dependent Data

    Seahorse Strategies Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    • 2022: Data Analytics for Stock Market Trading
    • 2020: Seahorse Momentum Indicator (SMI)
    • 2019: Predicting the Stock Market - MDS Computational Linguistics

    • 2023: TNITN for State-of-the-Art Speech Technologies
    • 2022: Project #1: Bridging the Chasm: from Voice Data to Voice Intelligence
    • 2022: Project #2: AMA About Your Business in a Mirror World
    • 2021: Happiness in One Model: Cross-Lingual NER for Low-Resource Languages

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    Seaspan Corporation - MDS Vancouver

    Development of Operation and Maintenance Analytics Platform for Container Ships

    Seekers Media - MDS Okanagan

    2019: Marketing Campaign Visualization and Audience Impact

    Semios - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Binary Classification of Leaf Wetness Using Sensor Data

    Sensing in Biomechanical Processes Lab (SimPL) - MDS Vancouver

    • 2022: Towards a Simplified Method for Video Confirmation of Head Impact Events in Contact Sports
    • 2021: Extracting and Visualizing the Human Brain State Using EEG Data

    Sensorimotor Physiology Laboratory, School of Kinesiology, UBC - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Decomposition of Muscle Activity for Sensorimotor Neuroscience

    Siemens Healthineers - MDS Okanagan

    • 2023: Text Analysis of Biosensor Manufacturing Data
    • 2022: Anomaly Detection in Biosensor Waveforms
    •          Related Article
    • 2021: Image Classification of Biosensor Prints

    Sitewise Analytics - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Restaurant Segmentation Analysis
    • 2022: Determining Restaurant Sales Performance Drivers through Feature Selection

    Slalom Consulting - MDS Vancouver

    Power Price Prediction - a Short-Term Forecast

    Statistics Canada (Real-Time Local Business) - MDS Okanagan

    Exploring the Use of the Real-Yime Local Business Conditions Index to Forecast Economic Trends

    Statistics Canada (Special Business Project) - MDS Okanagan

    Data Exploration and Integration Lab, Statistics Canada: Segmentation of the Statistics Canada’s Set of Proximity Measures – A Clustering Algorithm Approach

    Statistics Canada - MDS Okanagan

    • 2022: Project #1: Assessing Google Trends Data
    • 2022: Project #2: Innovating with Web-Scraped Data to Inform Impact Canada’s Challenges
    • 2022: Project #3: Analysis of Rural Business Performance
    • 2021: Project #1: COVID-19 - Canadian Employment Wage Subsidy: An Analysis​
    • 2021: Project #2: Incorporating Public Transit into Measures of Accessibility

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    • 2021: Project #3: The Effects of Proximity to Services on Canadians’ Housing Conditions
    • 2020: Bringing Understanding to the COVID-19 Outbreak in Ontario 

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    Suncor Energy Inc. - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Modelling Heat Exchanger Units to Optimize Cleaning Schedules

    TeejLab - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Automated Legal Risk Assessment on Web Service License Changes

    Teejlab Inc. and UBC Sauder - MDS Vancouver

    2022: An Analytical Framework for Quantifying API Risks

    Terra Sense Analytics Ltd. - MDS Okanagan

    2022: Increase Performance of a Deep Learning Instance Segmentation Model Using Data Augmentation and Model Refinement

    Tetrad - MDS Vancouver

    2019: Forecasting Restaurant Sales with Mobile Device Location Data

    The Deetken Group - MDS Vancouver

    2020: Evolving Vancouver: Forecasting the Evolution of Vancouver's Business Landscape

    The Sea Around Us - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2021: Estimation of Worldwide MPAS Protection through a Novel Questionnaire

    Thomson Reuters - MDS Computational Linguistics

    • 2021: Improving Search with Deep Learning for a Marketing Leading Accounting Research Platform
    • 2020: Next Generation Conceptual Tagging

    Translink - MDS Vancouver

    • 2020: Project #1: Vision over Transit Incidents & Claims
    • 2020: Project #2: “Why is my bus late?” Understanding Bus Delay in Metro Vancouver
    • 2020: Project #3: Optimizing Transit Stops

    TRIUMF - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: CALORICH AI
    • 2022: RICH AI
    • 2019: NA62 Particle Classification

    True North Sports + Entertainment - MDS Okanagan

    Ticket Pricing Model for the Winnipeg Jets 

    Trusting Pixels - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Softening Filter Detection on Compressed Video
    • 2022: Project #1: Image Comparison Analysis
    • 2022: Project #2: Photo Within Photo Detection

    Two Hat Security Research - MDS Okanagan

    2020: Identification of Patterns and Metrics to Distinguish Toxic and Non-Toxic Reddit Communities

    UBC (Urban Data Lab) - MDS Okanagan

    2021: UBC Sustainability Performance Dashboard​

    UBC (Urban Data Lab) - MDS Okanagan

    2020: Building Energy Use Profile Visualizations

    UBC Animal Welfare Program - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Cow Bonds: Visualizing and Assessing Changes in the Social Networks of Dairy Cows

    UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology - MDS Vancouver

    2017: Visualizing massive open online courses

    UBC Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences - MDS Vancouver

    Data Science for Polar Ice Core Climate Reconstructions

    UBC Digital Emergency Medicine - MDS Vancouver

    Predictive Analytics to Support HLBC 8-1-1 and HEiDi Triage.

    UBC Linguistics - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Phase One of a Universal Graded Reader

    UBC Sauder School of Business - MDS Vancouver

    • 2019: Extracting a Corporate Social Network from SEC Filings
    • 2018: Extracting Features from Financial Documents for Predicting Firm Performance

    UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Analysis of BC Negligence Decisions over 20 years

    UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, Legal Hackers Ontario, and Future of Law Lab (UofT) - MDS Computational Linguistics

    Why do Judges Allow or Deny Eviction Orders in Ontario's Residential Tenancy Board?

    Unbounce - MDS Computational Linguistics

    2020: Closing the Feedback Loop: Identifying Customer Pain Points through NLP

    Unbounce - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Using Survival Analysis to Finding Leading Indicators of Customer Churn

    University of British Columbia - MDS Vancouver

    2021: Defend UBC

    Urban Logiq - MDS Vancouver

    2020: Project #1: Analysis of Connected Vehicle Driving Behaviour as a Predictor of Accidents
    2020: Project #2: Contextual analysis of amenity gaps in at-risk communities

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    2019: Indicators of Crash Severity

    Vancouver Whitecaps - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Project #1: Finding Football Talent with Wearable Technology Using PlayerMaker sensors to understand academy player performance
    • 2023: Project #2: Terrific Touch
    • 2022: Project #1: Disruptive Defending – Using Optical Tracking and Event Data to Evaluate MLS Players’ Defensive Performance
    • 2022: Project #2: Passing Perfection – Using Optical Tracking and Event Data to Evaluate MLS Player's Passing Tendencies
    • 2021: Project #1: Football Fortune Telling: Predicting MLS Performance
    • 2021: Project #2: Match Fit - Using Optical Tracking Data to Evaluate MLS Players’ Power, Fitness & Fatigue
    • 2020: Project #1: Modelling the Physical Performance of the Vancouver Whitecaps

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    • 2020: Project #2: Winning the Goal Differential Race

    Viewpoint AI - MDS Vancouver

    2022: Decision Support: Choose your Best Career Path

    Visier - MDS Vancouver

    2018: Automated Human Resources Insight Discovery

    Westland Insurance - MDS Vancouver

    • 2023: Predicting Customer Conversion
    • 2022: Predicting Customer Retention

    World Bank - MDS Vancouver

    2022: How Quickly Can South Asia Transition to a Green Economy?

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