MDS Spotlight: Meet Saisree Gownipalli Ramanaiah, MDS Okanagan, Class of 2022

Saisree has always has a strong desire to optimize any situation. Even as a child, she was always seeking answers.

“I have always been that curious kid.  I would investigative and try to find answers to everything. I pestered my mom to cook more efficiently, so that she could save time and play with me and would find shortcuts in assignments so that I could spend more time playing with my friends.”

Having completed her Bachelor’s in Engineering in India, Saisree began her career as Senior Systems Engineer at Infosys, a global leader in management consulting and Information Technology services. She worked on automation that optimized processes and enhanced business impact.

This encouraged Saisree to look more into data science, which triggered her curiosity in pursuit of a master’s degree in data science.

“Since data science was my goal, I was looking for a top university that either focused on data science or had a master of computer science program with a thesis option with a hope to research in data science,” she said. “UBC happened and happens to bring in the ‘target school’ experience - which guarantees excellence.” 

Now through the 10-month intensive program, Saisree  reflects fondly on the experience. 

“There is no denying the fact that UBC is an incredible school. With such a standing comes a lot of tangible as well as intangible benefits for a student,” explained Saisree. “Everything ranging from world class infrastructure and access to learning resources to networking opportunities with world class faculty and the well-connected alumni network.”

Saisree’s Top 3 Tips on Succeeding in the MDS-O Program:

  1. Have programming knowledge
  2. Be able to adapt and work either alone or as a team depending upon the situation
  3. Prioritize and manage time effectively

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