Lili Tang, MDS Okanagan, Class of 2023

Master of Data Science Okanagan Lili Tang

“The MDS program at UBC offers an accelerated 10-month curriculum that covers all stages of the data science value chain, providing me with a comprehensive skill set in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, the program's structure allows me to quickly return to the workforce after completing my studies.”

Previous Degree: Master of International Business, International Trade and Investment and Financing Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 
Program: MDS Okanagan, Class of 2023

In today's era, the advancements in computer technology have opened new possibilities for data analysis, leading to the growing significance of quantitative analysis in the financial industry. With a strong desire to explore the optimal synergy between human insights and machine capabilities, I was eager to transition my focus to Quantamental (Quant & Fundamental) analysis. This professional ambition places high demands on my analytical expertise, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Therefore, pursuing a master's degree in data science had become a pressing priority for me.

About Lili Tang

Prior to joining the MDS Okanagan program, Lili was a fundamental analyst in bulk commodities, focusing on price trend predication and providing arbitrage strategies for trading based on futures and derivatives markets. Lili’s time in the MDS Okanagan program gave her the ability to effectively leverage data science skills to solve practical problems. Outside of MDS, Lili enjoys hiking and cooking. Read Lili’s story.