Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh (Nabi), MDS Vancouver, Class of 2023

Master of Data Science Vancouver Nabi profile

“MDS is a transformative and comprehensive program that will equip you with a solid foundation in data science and the necessary skills to thrive in the industry. It is intense and requires dedication and commitment to the classes and labs.”

Previous Degree: Master of Business Administration, Marketing from the University of Tehran      
Program: MDS Vancouver, Class of 2023   

As a data-driven marketer, I implemented marketing and analytics strategies and tactics to interact with users and evaluate their engagement with digital products. Simultaneously, I expanded my skills and understanding of business administration by pursuing an MBA in Marketing in 2017. In a nutshell, my career has consistently intersected with data, making the MDS program a logical next step in my professional and academic journey.

About Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh (Nabi)

Nabi holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Tehran and believes the MDS program exposed him to a broad range of courses, from causal inference and deep learning to data visualization and communication, that has effectively prepared him for the job market and transitioned him into a data science career. Outside of the MDS program, Nabi co-hosts the "Data Science at Home" podcast, where he delves into new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. As well, when not in MDS, you will find Nabi recharging his batteries doing several outdoor activities like road cycling, skiing, and hiking. Read Nabi’s story.