Qurat-ul-ain Azim, MDS Vancouver, Class of 2023

Qurat-ul-Ain Azim, Master of Data Science Vancouver Headshot Square

“The UBC MDS program stood out for many reasons. UBC’s prestige, the breadth of topics covered in the MDS curriculum, and the 10-month duration were on the top of my list.”

Previous Degree: Doctor of Philosophy – PhD. Applied Mathematics from the Imperial College London  
Program: MDS Vancouver, Class of 2023

Due to my training in mathematics, I always used to do numbers and analytical work. My work involved looking at applicable problems from a math perspective, and I kept thinking of shifting the lens where I do applications that leveraged math and analytical skills. Data Science was a perfect combination of numbers, analysis and amazing applications that really make a real-world difference.

About Qurat-ul-ain Azim

After obtaining her PhD in Mathematics from the Imperial College London, Qurat-ul-Ain Azim spent six years working as an academic teaching and doing research in Applied Mathematics. Qurat hopes to use all that she has learned to teaching data science skills, or where she can leverage her abilities to benefit people’s life in general. When not in the MDS program, Qurat enjoys spending time with her son. Qurat also bakes for some much needed me time. Read Qurat’s story.