Ricky Heinrich, MDS Okanagan, Class of 2023

Master of Data Science Okanagan Ricky Heinrich

"I appreciated the fact that the UBC MDS program did not require a statistics or computer science undergrad, but rather accepted interdisciplinary backgrounds. This meant not only I could apply, but my peers were sure to come from varied and interesting backgrounds."

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physical Science from University of Alberta 
Program: MDS Okanagan, Class of 2023

I realized that my favourite parts of my courses as well as my work experience were the data parts: gathering data, analyzing it, getting insights, visualizing trends and results … I liked my analytical chemistry courses the best, where we needed to replicate experiments with high precision and gather data to analyze. I enjoyed the reports that required use of regression modelling. Getting trained in data science would give me skills to go work anywhere and with anybody.  

About Ricky Heinrich

Ricky obtained their Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences (and minor in business) from the University of Alberta. Ricky appreciated that the MDS Okanagan program did not require a statistics or computer science background but accepted those from interdisciplinary backgrounds. The program provided Ricky a great base of skills that are widely applicable and they wouldn’t have been able to learn as many relevant skills to data science in the 10 months without it. Outside of MDS, Ricky loves to go climbing, and in the winter enjoys ice-skating and skiing. Read Ricky’s story.