Arman Seyed-Ahmadi, Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, MDS Vancouver

Arman Seyed Ahmadi

“The MDS program is distinctively committed to excellence through diversity and top-notch educational standards. We embrace, respect, and celebrate differences among the faculty, staff, and our students of all backgrounds. Together with its rigorous, industry-aligned curriculum, our MDS program provides a solid foundation for our students to establish successful careers in data science.”

Arman Seyed-Ahmadi started his academic journey back in 2009. Following his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, he pursued his interest in computational physics during his Master’s and PhD. Arman’s primary research interest lies in developing physics-informed data-driven models for particle-laden flows. Having a great passion for teaching, he undertook various instructional roles during his PhD, which further honed his pedagogical skills. He joined the MDS program as a postdoctoral teaching fellow in July 2021.