Ifeoma Adaji, Assistant Professor, MDS Okanagan

Ifeoma Adaji Master of Data Science Okanagan

"The MDS program is designed to give students the relevant ‘hands on’ skills they need to succeed  as data scientists. The strengths of the program include the diversity of the instructors and the evolving curriculum to meet current industry needs and standards." 

Ifeoma Adaji is an assistant professor of computer science at UBC's Okanagan campus. She completed her Master's degree from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK and her Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. She briefly worked in industry as a data scientist after her Ph.D. in lieu of a postdoc.  Her research interests include the development of tailored persuasive technologies for social good and the use of user generated data online to understand and predict the behaviour of online users. She is also interested in Fairness, Accountability, Transparency & Ethics in AI (FATE).